The Leadership Survey

has been developed for the purpose to help in selecting people for training to assume higher leadership positions and responsibilities and to give information for tailor-made development plans for leadership personnel.

It has a very high standard as it was developed based on many years of practical experience in teaching leaders to be competent and successful in leading any activity and operation.

It is therefore no shame if you think you are a leader, if you are successful as a leader but still have no high score.

There are two results.

The potential leadership value shows the relationship of good answers and bad answers.

The actual leadership value shows the relationship of good answers and „very“ bad answers, meaning answers which are in actual fact against basic principles of leadership, and which will if implemented result in damage to the activity.

IMPORTANT: Both values can be improved, often not even with a lot of effort, by good training. No human being is forever fixed on any wrong or irrational thinking, no matter how bad was his education and „experience“. It is possible for everybody to change and improve, if there is the willingness and trust that help and improvement is possible.


2) Answer each of the following questions truthfully for you.
3) Decide for and click only one answer of the three or four possible answers of each question.
4) If you want to make any comment to a question, please write an e-mail to the address given below giving the number of the question and your comment.
5) When finished with answering all questions fill in all information especially your correct e-mail adress and then click on „send form“.
6) You will get an online result and an e-mail with your results.
7) The results give your potential and actual leadership value at the current time.
8) Both values can be raised by training (studying, understanding correctly and exercising, gaining experience) in functioning leadership know how and by applying this know how correctly.

1.Is policy (organizational guideline) to beFollowedInterpretedIgnored
2.In using a process should oneApply it so it will workUse it exactlyRedevelop it
3.In studying a user manual for a machineGet what he can use out of itAdapt it to its useLearn to use it exactly
4.In managing something is it better to should oneFollow laid down policies closelyDevelop one´s own proceduresBe sensible
5.Has anyone ever really invented anything?YesNoUncertain
6.Did you ever really cause anything?YesNoMaybe
7.Can there be a single source for anything?YesNoUncertain
8.Do you usually know about something before it happens?YesNoUncertain
9.Do directions usually apply only to others?YesNoUncertain
10.Do you ordinarily cause things that happen far away from you?YesNoMaybe
11.Are people who say they have accomplished something when they haveEgotisticalStupidHonest
12.Did Thomas Edison invent the electric light bulbPersonallyAs a member of a teamBy copying older inventions
13.Should the head of a government ruleSingle-handedlyAs a member of a councilBy the will of the people
14.Which one of the following would most help a student?The Instructor´s brillianceThe Instructor´s helpfulnessThe Instructor´s insistence
15.Would a staffmember be most helped byThe agreeableness of the seniorThe cleverness of the seniorThe commands of the senior
16.In finding out how to handle a new washing machine, would youRead the directionsFigure it out yourselfGet somebody else to do it
17.Is it necessary to have anyone in charge?YesNoUncertain
18.Have you ever pretended you invented something when you didn´t?YesNoUncertain
19.When you have to do with an organization what is most important?To prevent the organization to become too bigThe expansion of the organizationThe wellbeing of the employees
20.Is it probable that events are influenced by fate?YesNoUncertain
21.When a patient recovers because of a serum what was the true source of the recovery?The doctor who gave itThe patientThe science medicineThe inventor of the serum
22.Is it necessary to understand why something works to make it work?YesNoUncertain
23.Is telepathy a factor in the development of another´s ideas?YesNoProbably not
24.Where did Buddhism really come from?Many peopleGautama BuddhaOlder Knowledge
25.Is it better toDo a management programmImprove a management programmFind your way carefully
26.In applying a definite policy should oneUse good senseApply it exactlyImprove it if possible
27.Would it be easier to promote to others if one said a valuable new invention wereThe product of a teamDeveloped with your helpDone by the genius of its inventorAlready known
28.Would it be harmful to follow good policy exactly?YesMaybeNo
29.Is discipline necessary?YesNoUncertain
30.Should punishment be ever used?YesNoUncertain

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